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First Year by Gonçalo João

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  • First Year by Gonçalo João
    First Year by Gonçalo João

HANDBOOK | ESW.AUT.022 | 2019 | 80 pages

Self-published, English, Paperback, 169x239mm


This book includes two papers and one essay developed and produced in the first year of the Management Ph.D. program at ISEG Lisbon School of Economics and Management, University of Lisbon, Portugal.


The implementation of a knowledge management exploitative or explorative strategy in organization has been viewed as a problem, mostly due to lack of consensus in the definition of exploitation. More important than choosing the right strategy is realizing that the needs for knowledge are the driving force behind the decision-making process. A framework based on the intelligence cycle of competitive intelligence theory can help understand the needs of the organization and when to implement one or both strategies.


In a Intelligence-based View, a good competitive intelligence system can be a rare, valuable and everlasting resource, based for a distinctive competency, the differentiate knowledge.


Competitive intelligence provides intelligence in a form of actionable reports to decision-makers and strategic managers. When comparing organizations which use this tool, one can address the maturity of their competitive intelligence functions. The use of the classification of the maturity of the competitive intelligence funtion helps study and compare organizations.